What We Do

LANDED designs, builds, and maintains luxury landscapes in the DC Metro area. We partner with you to uncover, experience, and share the joy hidden in the land and the outdoor spaces around your home. 



Within a seemingly simple design process hides powerful depth that ensures that you'll be able to enjoy your new outdoor spaces for years to come. 

At LANDED, design is far more than determining the best location of plants, patios, and lighting for your property. Sure, we do these things, but it starts much earlier - and focuses on something much more important - you.

Our process begins as a in-depth conversation about your needs and expectations, your future, and the activities you enjoy the most. 

We specialize in creating cohesive outdoor spaces that support and encourage your favorite activities and interests, be they cooking, relaxing, playing, or entertaining. We tie these together into a series of purpose-built outdoor rooms that flow naturally from one into the next around your home.  

The best landscape design is one that brings about the full life you dream of living. Our design process is purpose-built to make it happen.

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In an industry where many talk about quality, but few provide proof or context, it's worth sharing a few details. 

We believe that the best way to ensure a quality landscape is to start with the best materials. Every project we start today is reliant on the strong relationships we established over a decade ago with top suppliers who provide us with our pick of plants and materials before they're made available to anyone else.

Building your dreams shouldn't be a nightmare for anyone. Our process incorporates an understanding of the impact of construction on your life and on the surrounding neighborhood. Before the first delivery of materials arrives we reach out to neighbors to set expectations, answer concerns, and share our exclusive four-point neighborly commitment.

Consistency is the foundation of quality craftsmanship. LANDED offers unparalleled quality construction, in no small part due to our commitment to the well-being of the craftsmen and crews who get it done. Our team members are offered benefits - including healthcare - enabling consistent, healthy, and safe crews for the duration of your project. 

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Care & Maintenance

Who better than the people who know the lay of your land to ensure everything we build, install, and plant stays beautiful, healthy and strong? 

When your designer and builder is LANDED, the answer is, "No one." 

The experience gained from working the land during construction and planting ensures our maintenance crews and horticulturists can properly care for your specific plantings and conditions without delay. 

In addition to caring for the greenery we plant, we also offer turf care, mowing, raking, tree services, and property clean up on a scheduled or as-needed basis. 

Best of all, when you select our Premier maintenance package, it includes a Forever warranty on perennial plantings, shrubs and trees. They're guaranteed for as long as you keep us around to care for them.

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